Opera of Saint Petersburg



Conductor: Maxim Valkov
Directed by: Yuri Alexandrov

Saint Petersburg State Chamber Music Theater "Opera of Saint Petersburg" is known as one of the best music theaters in Russia and beyond its borders. The founder and permanent artistic director of the theater, the People’s Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov, is known for his creative experiments and unexpected directing solutions.

The Opera of Saint Petersburg actively performs on tours. Over the past six months, the theater has had guest performances in France, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Azerbaijan. It has participated in the Third Russian Festival of Music Theatres of Russia See the Music (Moscow), the Russian Festival of Volga Theater Season (Samara), the Saint Petersburg Theater Festival – for Children (Saint Petersburg).

The theater has received a number of awards and merit prizes. Thus, in the previous season, the premiere performance of Faust was awarded with the highest theater award of Saint Petersburg the Golden Soffit in four nominations.

The International Theater Tour, opened in the new theater season by performing in Nice, continues in Serbia.

This time two performances, awarded with the highest theater award of Saint Petersburg Golden Soffit and directed by the People’s Artist Yuri Alexandrov, will be performed in front of the Serbian audience:

8 May 2019 – The Pearl Fishers by G. Bizet (on the stage of the National Theatre in Belgrade)

10 May 2019 – Faust by C. Gounod (on the stage of the Opera & Theatre Madlenianum)

The tour of the theater is being held within the 150th anniversary of the National Theater in Belgrade and the 20th anniversary of the Opera & Theater Madlenianum.

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