This is the youngest art nurtured in Madlenianum. However, the first drama production, the play Tesla by Milos Crnjanski, confirmed clearly that Madlenianum will cultivate its recognizable avant-garde artistic ideas in this third theatre genre as well. And it has been the case all the way long till the present day, the last drama production: LOLITA.

August Strindberg
Premiere: Friday, 29. October 2021
Eric-Emanuel Schmitt
Premiere: Thursday, 10. June 2021
Émile Zola
Premiere: Monday, 25. November 2019
Yuri Polyakov
Premiere: Friday, 12. April 2019
J. Paligoric Sinkevic
Premiere: Friday, 07. December 2018
Premiere: Saturday, 30. June 2018
Bratislav Petković
Premiere: Friday, 09. February 2018
Miodrag Ilić
Premiere: Tuesday, 07. November 2017
Elfride Jelinek
Premiere: Tuesday, 07. November 2017
Carol Rocamora
Premiere: Friday, 17. March 2017

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