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Nowadays, cultural enthusiasm is especially precious since it enriches life with a sense and charm very often deprived by everyday events. The Chamber Opera, the present MADLENIANUM Opera And Theatre, was born in the most difficult times for Belgrade and Serbia, in the times when there was no laugh in the streets, very little joy at the stages, and when the theaters were barely a sanctuary for unhappy and disappointed spectators.

MADLENIANUM was supposed to be a new place at the cultural map of Belgrade and Zemun, a place where creative powers will flourish, where creative authors will return and stay, to follow the artistic world trends at the stage of the new opera, and to represent us all in the way that we may be proud of.

MADLENIANUM has become all that in the first six years, and this goal was achieved. The former Chamber Opera enters today a new and fully refurbished facility, with the state-of-the-art equipment for presentation and realization of theatre and opera performances. Stage techniques built into the fully renovated building of the former theater in Zemun represent the latest achievements in the domain of techniques, just in the line with the standards realized by ZEPTER INTERNATIONAL operating in more than forty countries and in the four continents. But techniques cannot make art, they can only help it. People, creators with the ideas that require proper conditions, make Art. It was often said that our talents need support to become even with their equals in the rest of Europe, or even better. Even more often people added that we only lacked true opportunities to realize genuine artistic ambitions that we never lacked. The new stage of MADLENIANUM Opera and Theatre widely opens its door to our creators, since at this moment there is no other opera or theater in Europe with a more state-of-the-art building.

A moment has come for us to become an artistic and cultural power. We can do that, since we have always wished that and have known that we belong in Europe. 

Madlena Zepter

The founder of MADLENIANUM Opera and Theatre

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