Studio Hall


Studio Hall represents a scpace of 250 m2, with 160 seats. Together with the Sifnios Hall it makes a separate block on the second floor. Studio Hall is foreseen for a smaller atristic production and studio performances, workshops, seminars and combined  happenings,  and together with the Sifnios Hall offers a possibility to work in section.The stage lighting system and a portable audio system support realization of smaller musical stage program, as well as TV recordings for theatre, film or commercials and for reproduction of theatre effects for the need of multimedia presentations. In the Studio Hall there has been installed a system for receiveing  and broadcasting TV programs.

Sifnios Hall, the space of 100 m2, is located on the second floor, in a separate block of building. The room is primarily intended for educational ballet work, but can also be used for other  commercial puproses, with its capacity of up to 50 seats. The Sifnios Hall can be leased together with the Studio Hall or separately, as an auxiliary or independent space, which can serve for meetings, comined events, plenary sessions, workshops and master classes.

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