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ABC ODER KRIEG (Quasi una fantasia)

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On Saturday, 31st January the Serbian premiere of drama ABC ODER KRIEG (Quasi una fantasia) will be held in the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum in Zemun.

The play is the Muzeum Ljubljana production and it was premiered in Slovenia in January and received standing ovations at the premiere as well as at its preview.

The dramatic text was written by Ivo Svetina, at the request of the Muzeum Ljubljana. It is based on the period 1831-1835 in Vienna and it thematizes the structuring of the Slovenian and Serbian languages as European languages, but all through mutual relationships of the greats:  Jernej Kopitar, Vuk Karadzic, Matije Chopa i Franca Preserna, whose love towards a language and researches intertwines with conflicts and pressures of the censorship and the system.

The play will be performed in three languages- Slovenian, Serbian and German and apart from the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum, it shall also be held in Kranj and at Cankar’s Home as well. 

The role of Jernej Kopitar belongs to Peter Musevski, Vuk Karadzic is Ivan Bekjarev, Aleksandra Balmazovic is in the role of Mina (Vuk Karadzic’s daughter) and Matija Copa, Franc Presern and Antonio Hoeffern are interpreted by Borut Veselko, Jure Ivanusic i Vesna Pernarcic.

The playwright of this drama is Ivo Svetina while directing and stage-design are signed by Barbara Novakovic Kolenc, dramaturgy by Jana Pavlic, costume-design by Alan Hranitelj and choreography by Sanja Neskovic Persin

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