A. Ilić / N.Iwaniec, I. Kirov


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Balkan Dance Project is an international dance project that connects successful young choreographers, dancers and artists from Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It explores, throughout individual stories, the mutual experience of living in the Balkans. 

Each of them touches, through their unique aesthetic, both individual and universal topics that affect all of us. The project brings creativity, the integration of the artists from different countries but with common cultural heritage, the mobility of cultural workers and intercultural dialect in the language of art.  Besides bonding, connecting artists and cultural exchange, the Dance Project aims to develop modern or contemporary ballet in wider region, present dance productions in smaller towns and to educate young people.  


After the successful dance performances within the Balkan Dance Project (He He Helium and Balkan Dance Project Vol. 1), by which the Project has presented itself not only in the region but on the international stages as well, the artistic team of the Balkan Dance Project with its 6 new dancers coming from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, has been preparing a new dance Balkan Dance Project Vol.2, in cooperation with the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum (Serbia) and Velenje Festival (Slovenia) that will be performed for the first time on 8th October 2016 on the Large Stage of the Opera and Theater Madlenianum at 19:30h. 


The chosen dancers, Mojca Majcen, Ema Janković, Vladimir Čubrilo, Branko Mitrović, Luka Živković and Jakša Filipovac will participate in the choreographies of A Wreath of Sonnets by France Prešern of Aleksandar Ilic and Natalie Iwaniec and The Cube of Igor Kirov.


After its premiere at the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum, Balkan Dance Project will be performed on 13th and 17th October in Velenje and on 18th October in Sezana (Slovenia). 

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