Comedy in three acts (1934)

Première on 2nd November 2008
Madlenianum Large Stage

Directing, adaptation and selection of music: Jug Radivojevic
Set design: Dejan Pantelic
Costume designer: Jelena Stokuca
Stage movement: Pjer Rajkovic
Light design: Srcan Jovanovic 


„My humor, by inciting laughter with people, alleviates the cruelty of life."

(Branislav Nusic)

Every appearance of Branislav Nusic at Serbian stages is marked with a red letter in theatre calendar. For Madlenianum, that date is 2nd November 2008, when a play by Nušic will be performed for the first time at our stage. The Bereaved Family, a late Nušic’s comedy, with unforgettable characters of Agaton Arsic, Proka Puric, Trifun, will bow to the audience and remind them that the ambitions to seize a heritage, money, estate – are everlasting. By the words of the director, Jug Radivojevic, a word is about the genuine „Nusic“ type of understanding of this everlasting play. The whole action is dislocated from the deceased’s home to the graveyard, and in the new dramatization the acts were given humorous designations: The First Act – funeral, The Second Act – the seven-day commemoration, The Third Act – 40-day commemoration. The director of the play humorously commented the new version of The Bereaved Family: „It happens always and everywhere, and in our performance the action takes place in autumn in 1934“. An exceptional team of affirmed comic actors will cause roars of laughter and picture at the stage an image of our characters. Agaton Arsic will be interpreted by Miodrag Mima Karadzic, who presents himself to the audience of Madlenianum for the first time. Dragan Vujic Vujke will play Proka Puric, Danica Maksimovic will be Simka, Viktor Savic will play dr Petrovic, Dubravka Mijatovic will play Sarka, Milan Kalinic will play Mica Stanimirovic... Branislav Nusic is never obsolete and he belongs to all times. New Madlenianum’s production of The Bereaved Family will show that Agaton Arsic still lives among us and that we should laugh at him at the stage and beware of him in real life. 


Cascades of laughter, but of critical type

The last farewell of Nusic's bereaved family

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