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Direction: Sasha Sasic
Choreography: Natalia Fernandes, Sasha Sasic
Original Music: Fernando Leiria Jiménez
Scenography: Jug Cerović
Costume Design: Shash
Lighting Design: Pablo Battiston
Graphic Design: Anja Mejač
Voice Over: Maryanka Van Schaik

Actress: Huichi Chiu
Dancers: Adrián Díaz Rodríguez, David Mazón Fierro, Mario Olave Jiménez, Zoe Sepúlveda Merino
Musician: Fernando Leria Jiménez

DURATION: 50 min.
PRE-PREMIERE: 31 October 2018, Theatre Mirador, Madrid


Brave New World is a dance and theatre performance based on Aldous Huxley´s novel of the same name. The question to which the author of the piece wants to give the answer to is quite simple: What makes us human?

Dehumanization of the new world, sterility and the absence of individuality that Huxley indicated at the beginning of the last century are nowadays, almost 100 years later, becoming the reality.  Moreover, dehumanization is turning into hyper-humanization and individuality is overemphasized.

Brave New World is a story about a conflict of a naive man, “a savage”, with the morality and politics of the new era. Brave New World represents a clear vision of the unbalanced, technologically advanced present in which the people are cloned, socially indoctrinated and pharmacologically anesthetized in order to be integrated as painlessly as possible into the algorithmic order, and all at the price of their freedom and their human soul. In Brave New World everyone is happy, everyone is unique and everyone is satisfied with the overall picture of their lives.

Dancer and choreographer Sasha Sasic is the Artistic Director of the Company Sasha Sasic. Based in Spain, she began her dance career in Belgrade, furthering her education in Granada and Madrid.

She conceived her first performance in 2010. With her performance Café Cantante, she won the best dance performance award at the XXIX International Sarajevo Winter festival. In November 2013, she created La Rosa del Penal, which premiered at the CIBRA festival in Toledo. In 2014 she devoted herself to an interdisciplinary dance and musical project.  As part of that project, she created and performed several short performances and the full-length performance Metamorphosis. Collaborating with renowned choreographers and musicians from Spain, Slovenia and Serbia in 2015 she found her own company. Premiered at the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre in Split in June 2015, the piece Metamorphosis was presented in Coltrane Experimental Flamenco Festival Athens, VI Sibenik Dance Festival, V Flamenco Festival Zagreb, and the other European scenes. In 2016 she created a solo performance based on Carl Jung’s psychology, and it researches the visible spaces, a place where it binds the conscious and unconscious and the importance of dealing with your own shadow. In 2018 her work is increasingly focusing on contemporary dance and physical theater. As a result, she created the full-length piece “Brave New World”.


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