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Giacomo Puccini

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Giacomo Puccini


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Turandot, the last opera of the famous Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, will soon again, after almost half a century from the last performance, become an integral part of the regular repertoire of the Large Stage of the National Theatre in Belgrade and the Opera & Theatre Madlenianum, directed by Mario Pavle del Monaco and under the conducting baton of Stefano Romani /Djordje Pavlovic.

The performance will have two equal premieres, as the National Theatre is preparing this operatic masterpiece in co-production with the Opera & Theatre Madlenianum, which it has already accomplished several very successful joint performances with. The premiere at the National Theatre is on 23 December (19:30) and at Madlenianum a week later. on 30 December (19:30)

Turandot is the last opera of Puccini, left unfinished due to his serious illness exhaustion and death in 1924, but eventually a composer Franco Alfano finished it two years later. Wishing to move away from verismo, Puccini reached for the German adaptation of the legend about the cruel Chinese princess Turandot, having been previously adapted by the Italian writer Carlo Gozzi, while the original story is based on the old Persian epic from the 12th century.

In the midst of preparations, Mario Pavle del Monaco says: "The very fact that Turandot has not been performed in Belgrade for almost half a century, puts a great responsibility on all those who are the part of this production, but I must admit that this very fact represents a special honour for me and it is a symbol of a trust that we will certainly not let down. Moreover, I strongly believe that it will motivate us even more to put such an important title back in the repertoire. The audience can expect a comprehensive, timeless stylistic approach, full of fantastic costumes, and a set design interwoven with fluid and multipurpose stage elements".

Set design and costumes are the creation of William Orlandi, and the authors' team includes Wolfgang von Zoubek (Light Design), Milos Kecman (Choreographer), Francesco Bonati (Assistant Costume Designer), Edit Makedonska/Vesna Janssens (Concert Master), Djordje Stankovic (Choirmaster), Ivana Dragutinovic Maricic (Professional Associate)...

The soloists, Choir and the Orchestra of the National Theatre in Belgrade also participate in the production.

The last staging of this opera at the National Theatre was prepared by Jovan Putnik, and it was premiered on 17 October 1975.


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Premiere 28.03.2006

Directing and music selection: Ivana Vujic
Dramaturgy: Slavenka Milovanovic
Mise-en-scene: Kosta Bunusevac
Costume designer: Dusica Knezevic
Choreography: Dunja Mahorcic

Dobrila Stojnic, Vanja Milacic, Slobodan Bestic, Vanja Ejdus, Goran Danicic, Igor Ilic, Mihajlo Jovanovic, Kosta Bunusevac, Jelena Milovanovic, Nikola Velicki


Approaching an important centenary


The performance Frida Kahlo by Sanja Domazet, written for the Opera & Theatre MADLENIANUM, is not an ordinary biographic dramatization, but an outstanding feminine text, which depicts the last days in the life of the great painter. The drama can primarily be characterized as lyrical and intimate, though the author also highlights the violent and explosive character of Frida Kahlo. Noticeably electrified, creatively inspirational, this play has served as an ideal basis for an authorial, extravagant and very aesthetically designed performance, signed by Ivana Vujic. The authors team creating this performance includes our greatest actors, the most intriguing artists, who have designed the stage, as well as the costumes, which were delivered from Mexico, thus intensifying the authenticity of the performance. According to the idea of Kosta Bunusevac, the stage includes a movable bed of Frida Kahlo, which has a front and a rear side, where the old Frida Kahlo (Dobrila Stojnic) lies nailed. Together with her appears the young Frida Kahlo (Vanja Milacic), as well as Diego Rivera (Slobodan Bestic), with many associations to various phases of Frida’s life.

It should be mentioned that the performance Frida Kahlo opened a new stage in MADLENIANUM: Bel Etage and this performance is also an introduction into a series of dramas on painters. Frida Kahlo is the fourth drama performance of MADLENIANUM. After the performances Tesla, by Milos Crnjanski, in the directing of Nikita Milivojevic (marking 150th anniversary from the birth of Nikola Tesla), Icy Firefly, by Vladan Radoman and Don Quixote (on the occasion of 400 years from the first Spanish edition), by the performance Frida Kahlo MADLENIANUM turns once again to a modern contemporary dramatic text. In the realization of this performance a significant support was extended by the Embassy of Mexico in Belgrade, that is, H.E. Eduardo Hector Moguel Flores, and the University of Arts and its rector, Mr. Cedomir Vasic. 



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