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It is a gloomy comedy with thoughtful and humorous tension, directed by Predrag Ejdus – being in the leading role as well. 

The mutual scenic project, of Predrag Ejdus, the famous drama artist, this time in the role of director and main actor and Miodrag Ilic, the experienced playwright, is based on Ilic’s drama “Casanova against Don Juan”. This drama play is by its genre marked as a “gloomy comedy”, considering the fact that the word is about Eros, a passing driver of human accomplishments, but also of many temptations and follies in which Eros draws people regardless of their age.  The play is, with its three characters, an interesting and entertaining plot, dynamic stage events and a lucid dialog, actually a display of the end of life of the legendary adventurists and cosmopolitan of the eighteenth century- Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, one of the best educated people of his time- priests, musicians, soldiers, spies, diplomats, gamblers and above all the unsurpassed lover.

Don Juan is- as a mythical character, stemmed from the folk imagination and poetry-always young and handsome, but vicious and dangerous to the female gender.  He hasn’t been changing for centuries, living in literary works, operas and art canvases. In Ilić’s play, the two of them conflict about a young, endowed with physical charms, erotizing beauty named Gisela, a niece of Count Waldstein.

With presenting Ilić’s drama, directed by the experienced Predrag Ejdus, for whom the writer from the very beginning intended the role in his own vision, we are certainly going to achieve the remarkable theatre result, attractive to our audience. The roles of Don Juan and young Gisela are given to Petar Benčina and Andrijana Oliverić, two excellent actors of younger generation, who are again facing the chance to make a significant step forward in their already successful careers. 

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