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After the novel Capsella bursa pastoris by Teodora Sujic

Premiere 27th September 2011 
Madlenianum Main Stage

Directing, choreography and set design: Aleksandar Ilic
Costume designer: Ida Ignjatovic
Assistant choreographer: Ivana Kozomara


Milica Bezmerovic, Olga Olcan, Ana Ivancevic, Smiljana Stokic, Tijana Sebez, Nina Raca, Milos Marijan


Ivica Stjepanovic, arrangement for the traditional Jewish song Tambalalaika, original music to the wall by motives Damn mad by Pierre Bastien with the assistance of percussion player Maja Klisinski.

Nevena Glušica for the song This Morning at Dawn written by Teodora Sujic.

Maja Klisinski

Piano player Emilija Tarova

Vocals for the songs Tumbalalaika Maja Klisinski and Marija Mijatovic and for This Morning at Dawn Jelena Ilic, vocal improvizations Aleksandra Radonjic, cello for the song Tunbalalaika Milica Mijatovic

Musical associate: Ilija Milosevic
Video Production: Ivana Todorovic
Video montage: Cedomir Radonjic

The ballet THE FEAST OF LOVE is inspired by the novel CAPSELLA BURSA PASTORIS by Teodora Sujic which, after long choreographic research, emerged as an inevitable and eternal love poem. Spring, love, two young people, the topic is of infinite possibilities.

It is in the nature of every human being to love, suffer and seek his or her own way. When the past is not forgotten, when the past becomes a memory, whatever happened gets its full value. Anger becomes forgiveness, suffering becomes quiet longing, fondness becomes gratitude, and love becomes friendship.

The production of this ballet is fully financed by the City of Belgrade and this is the first time that the City of Belgrade finances production of a performance on the stage of Madlenianum.

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