Claudio Monteverdi


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within IX EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL on historical instruments


Large Stage of Madlenianum at 19.30h  

Premiere: 15th June, 2014.
Revival: 22nd June, 2014.

Artistic Directors: Predrag Gosta i Marijana Mijanović

Stage Director: Sofija Perović, Conductor: Predrag Gosta

Orchestra: New Trinity Baroque (USA)


Jana Jovanović, Janja Vuletić (Croatia)

Carlo Vistoli (Italy)

Dragana Popović, Plamen Kumpikov (Bulgaria)

Marina Serpagli (Italy)

Vesna Marković, Marijana Šovran (Monte Negro)

Radmilo Petrović, Milan Stančić, Marijana Radosavljević

Dramaturgy: Pia – Rabea Vornholt (Germany)

Costumes: Slavica Ribać

Scenography: Tijana Trailović, Tamara Branković

One of the most talented Italian opera composers, Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643), appeared at the very beginning of opera development as a genre and in 17th century he put an incredibly strong seal onto this genre, starting with the famous opera L'Orfeo in the beginning of the century (1607).

The Coronation of Poppea , the opera created in 1643, is considered to be the first real opera in the history of music, telling about Roman era and the Roman Emperor Nero, who, although being married to Octavia, but seduced and enchanted by his mistress Poppea, manages to marry her.  

This opera has some all-time features and consequently it is even today possible to understand its main driving ideas, the desire for power, passion, love, betrayal, jealousy, greed and crazy ambition of Poppea to put the crown on her head. 

Neither the wisdom of Seneca, nor public opinion, neither friends, nor enemies deter the protagonists from their intention. Poppea, as an eternal femme fatale, uses her charms to seduce Nero, but her eroticism serves her primarily to gain a high social status and provide her all kind of profligacy.  The cruelty of the loving couple is infinite, so despite love and love ardor, audience does not take their side. The fall of morals, the loss of control over all, even of one’s one life, rushing into increasing profligacy prove the image of the world that is neither solely ancient nor solely Roman.

The Coronation of Poppea has been premiere performed in Serbia in co-production of Madlenianum and New Belgrade Opera and Predrag Gosta, the director of the newly founded New Belgrade Opera gathered an international team of participants, enthusiasts, particularly prominent singers, the old music specialists. Besides the vocal part directed by the prominent artist Mirijana Mijanović, as well as Gosta himself, the ensemble on old and authentic instruments, New Trinity Baroque from the USA, certainly contributed to the true values and returned us to the time of beginnings of opera.   On the other hand, the attempt to bring the piece of art closer to a contemporary opera fan and a visitor has been the effort of the young generation to connect archaic and contemporary.

The Coronation of Poppea opera is regarded as masterpiece and one of the most successful operas going deep into historical themes, characters and the true periods of reign, in this case the Roman Emperor Nero’s rule in the 1st century AD.  


Bel Etage, Madlenianum, 15th and 22nd June at 18.30h


15.6. speaking:  Predrag Gosta i Marijana Mijanović

22.6. speaking:  Predrag Gosta i Sofija Perović

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