Premiere on 27th December 2005
Large Stage of Madlenianum

By the motifs of Miguel de Cervantes’ novel, dramatization of Mikhail Bulgakov, directing Dragan Jovanovic, scenography Jasna Dragovic, costume design Ljiljana Petrovic.
Playing: Dragan Jovanovic as Don Quixote, Petar Kralj as Sancho Panza and others.
Till the end of the year we shall perform the premiere of the most-read work of the classical literature, written exactly 400 years ago. The motto of the performance is contained in the Don Quixote’s line: »Let’s go on, Sancho, to run across the world, to avenge for the injuries that the cruel and the mighty inflict to the helpless and the weak, to revive our miserable iron age into the golden one, to give the world back what it irretrievably lost – JUSTICE.«

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