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The first premiere of the independent production of Madlenianum in the new season is the national opera THE DUSK, of the composer Stevan Hristić, directed by Nebojsa Bradić and under the baton of Vesna Šouc.

The premiere of this significant work of art of our domestic composer is to be held on 22nd October on the Large Stage of Madlenianum, and it will also be performed within the 48. BEMUS. 

The first revival of the opera THE DUSK is in the repertoire on 24th October.

Our work on Hristić’s opera The Dusk has lasted for two years and during this time, in cooperation with the Serbian Musicological Society and thanks to them, the score transcription has been done as well as the editing score transcription of this opera, without which the work on it would be impossible.  As the ballet act scores has been lost since this opera was last performed in Belgrade, at the National Theatre in 1954, two performances at SNT Novi Sad in 1994 and 2001 were done without a ballet act.   

The Dusk is a chamber opera, with no choir and one- act play, the second one performed on our stage. It was written in 1923 and performed in 1925 (Binički’s At Dawn was the first one). During 1953 and 1954, the author additionally wrote and composed a ballet act and all these years we have just had the tape ballet suite recording at Radio Belgrade.

Our performance is of the national significance since it is a word about one of the best Serbian operas in general, one of the most prominent composers in the period after Mokranjac.  Besides that, it is an integral performance the nowadays generations have had no opportunity to see and hear so far. 

The destinies and names of three academicians intertwine about this project. They are Stevan ristić, Ivo Vijnović whose The Dusk is a part of his Trilogy of Dubrovnik and Jovan Dučić, whose poem “The Dreams” is a part of the integral scope and serves as one of the leading arias. What is being planned in this sense and out of these reasons, together with the Serbian Musicological Society, is the Symposium on the creation of all three academicians. We believe it will be under the auspices of SASA.

What will be issued on the occasion of the performance besides the Program booklet is a special publication on the opera and Vojnovic as well, also translated in English.

Conductor: Vesna Šouc
Director and Scenic Designer: Nebojša Bradić
Choreographers: Marija Janković, Ivanka Lukateli
Costume Designer: Marina Medenica
Lighting Design: Srđan Jovanović
Assistant Director: Tadija Miletić
Assistant Scenic Designer: Slavica Marković
Assistant Costume Designer: Olga Mrđenović
Text Adaptation: Husnija Kurtović


Mara Nikšina Beneša,
a noblewoman of Dubrovnik/ Nataša Jović Trivić

Made, Mara’s daughter/ Dragana Popović

Ore, Mara’s daughter/ Branislava Podrumac

Pavle, Mara’s daughter/ Dušica Bijelić / Mirjana Matić

Lujo Lasić, a sea captain/ Nenad Čiča

Kata, a maid at Mara/ Aleksandra Angelov        

Vaso, a merchant/ Aleksa Vasić

Sabo Šiškov Prokulo, a nobleman of Dubrovnik/Ljubomir Popović

Luco Orsatov Volco, a nobleman of Dubrovnik/Miodrag D. Jovanović 

Soloists in Ballet: Ana Pavlović-Pešić, Jovan Veselinović, Tatjana Tatić, Jovica Begojev, Maja Stojakov, Dejan Kolarov, Milena Ogrizović, Nikola Tomašević, Olga Olćan

Ballet ensemble /Isidora Rabrenović, Mila Nikolić, Mina Trunić, Elena Georgijev, Ivona Janković, Simona Rabrenović 


Orchestra of MADLENIANUM

Concertmaster: Vesna Janssens

Stage Manager: Vesna Ćurčić-Petrović

Organizers: Andreja Rackov i Vukašin Tomić

Music preparation: Vesna Šouc, Dragana Anđelić Bunjac

Prompters: Zorica Popović, Kristina Jocić

Stage Master: Milan Ćirić

Video realization: Zvonimir Jelušić

Audio realization: Dušan Arsikin

Regulation Master: Vladimir Krunić

Title: Dragan Stevović

Make-up and hairstyle: Mirjana Rakić

Wardrobe: Tanja Vuksanović i Miladin Pavićević

Scenery Workshop fabrication of scenic and costume equipment: Workshop of the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum

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