Gaetano Donizetti


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Opera for Youth
(Abridged version)

Libretto: Felice Romani
Translation: Tadija Miletic

Art Manager: Stanko Jovanovic
Directing and Staging: Tadija Miletic
Piano Accompaniment: Vladimir Gligoric
Set Designer: Miras Vuksanovic
Costume Designer: Snezana Pesic Rajic
Executive Producer: Andreja Rackov

Vladimir Lalic/Tibor Hevesi

Nevena Tirnanic/Jovana Curovic

Olivera Krljevic/Ana Petrovic

Ivan Plazacic

Mihailo Sljivic
Nikola Basta

Stage Manager: Vesna Curcic Petrovic
Vocal Pedagogues: Tanja Obrenovic, Nenad Nenic
Music Preparation: Vladimir Gligoric
Lightning Realization: Milos Nesic
Sound Realization: Dusan Arsikin
Prompter: Zorica Popovic
Stage Master: Milan Ciric
Make-up and Hairstyle: Mirjana Rakic
Wardrobe: Tanja Vuksanovic i Miladin Pavicevic

Opera for Young Audience

The opera The Elixir of Love of Gaetano Donizzeti is the continuation of our programme for young audiences and children that has begun this year with the opera The Magic Flute of V. A. Mozart, wishing to create the opera offspring, future fans of the opera art. The opera is performed in Serbian language, in the abridged version and with the piano accompaniment, in order to be available to the audience from the inner parts of our country as well, since they are without stage capacities for complete operas performing. 

The Elixir of Love is a comic opera woven of the story about joy, jealousy, falling in love, dancing and love before all. The beautiful Adina reads the story about the elixir of love which solves all love problems and the young Nemorino sees this as the way make Adina finally fall in love with him. Arrival of a doctor Dulcamara in the village takes place at the right moment. Nemorino buys from him the elixir of love thus beginning a series of funny and interesting events that show all what is a person in love ready to do. In the end, the most important is to meet true love, discover real values in life and confirm that life has the real meaning only if it is shared with the person you love.

Directed and dramatized by Tadija Miletic, the opera begins with the murmur and crowd of a big market where, among all other stuff, the elixir of love can be bought as well. Directing concept abolishes so called “fourth wall” and dramatic action takes place everywhere, as well as around the audience. The Project Art Manager is a conductor Stanko Jovanovic, with the piano accompaniment of the pianist Vladimir Gligoric. The legendary aria  “Una furtiva lagrima“ is one of the most famous and the most magnificent works of opera creativity, but in the performance of the soloists Vladimir Lalic and Tibor Hevesi it even gets some new and youthful enthusiasm. 

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