In 2024, the world celebrates the 80th anniversary of the premiere of the play THE GLASS MENAGERIE and Madlenianum joins this significant jubilee with its premiere of this iconic play. This work has made of one of the undoubtedly greatest American playwrights, Tennessee Williams, famous. THE GLASS MENAGERIE is, to a large extent, an autobiographical play by this great author, who, while writing, puts a person as gentle as a glass figurine, Laura Wingfield, in the first plan. In the context of the environment she lives in, Laura's purity is perceived as a trait that has become extinct among people, similar to unicorns. This girl, who in the most tender way, adores her collection of glass figurines, especially her unicorn, experiences a love story with a young man named Jim, who is unable to grasp the heights of Laura's soul. Laura is confined in her social life, and her world consists only of her mother Amanda and brother Tom, apart from the glass menagerie. Tennessee Williams created a true theatrical masterpiece that, even 80 years after its creation, resonates with the contemporary audience and inspires a fight for goodness and purity. Although pain is a common companion for those who are good and pure, THE GLASS MENAGERIE play, as well as the performance at Madlenianum based on this work, call for such a virtuous way of living. Additionally, THE GLASS MENAGERIE serves as a means through which theatrical artists advocate for those people who are different, special, unique, and more sensitive than the majority.

In 2009, at Madlenianum, a director Ivana Vujic had a successful production of the play by the same author, CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF. This time, Ivana leads the project THE GLASS MENAGERIE as a director, also working on the translation of the text, set design, and music selection. The creative team includes a dramaturge Slavenka Milovanovic, a costume designer Dusica Knezevic, video author Svetlana Volic, lighting designer Srdjan Jovanovic, and an editor Ljiljana Mrkic Popovic. The exceptional and demanding roles in the cast are portrayed by Tamara Aleksic as Laura, Nikola Rakocevic as Jim, Borjanka Ljumovic as Amanda, and Ognjen Malusic as Tom.

The premiere of THE GLASS MENAGERIE is expected on 30th March 30 at 20.00h on the Small Stage of Madlenianum, with rerun performances scheduled on 6th and 13th April.

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