10. – 14. JUNE 2016.



In the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum in the period from 10th to 14th June, the National Theatre of the Republic Srpska from Banja Luka is going to have a guest visit. Banja Luka Theatre which has a long tradition (founded in 1930 in joint town creativity) is certainly among the best theatres in the Region. The National Theatre of the Republic Srpska that has always been a theatre of one region, not only of a town, manages to profile the essence of the national culture in the best was by its constant activity.

In the days when Belgrade audience will be able to see the accomplishments of the National Theatre of the Republic of Srpske, three exceptional plays from the newest production of this renowned theatre are to be presented. 

10. and 11. June - melodrama FATHER AND SON (CHILDREN’S BUSINESS) Three remarkable artists, the author of the text, Nebojša Romčević, Director Nikola Pejaković and the leader of the cast ensemble, the bard,  Petar Božović make the foundation of the success and strength of the play.

It is a contemporary story about a family and a generation gap between father and son, released of ideological and political dimensions and turned towards the consequences that followed all crashes and the transitional period in which (among youth) all is calculated materialistically, whereas egotism, arrogance and cynicism deprive old people of the possibility for happiness. By this play which shows that even in the most ideal families, the natural conflict in parent- child relationship is unavoidable, Nebojša Romčević wants to say that it is not always all black, that as long as we are moving, something can happen, giving thus the hope to the audience.    

12. and 13. June - THE HOUR WHEN WE KNEW NOTHING OF EACH OTHER, the play by the text of Peter Handke, directed by Mladen Materić.  20 actors act on the stage in about 300 scenes without words, all happening in a Banja Luka square.

Handke, the writer known for his sympathetic attitude and love towards Serbs, wrote THE HOUR WHEN WE KNEW NOTHING OF EACH OTHER for his daughter in the months before her birth, in order to show her the world she will come to. The renowned director Mladen Materić, who lived in Banja Luka at the age of 2 to the age of 8 years old and whose address today is in France where he owns his theatre, considers this project as the most complicated and the most complex one in his whole career.  In this unusual play the director asks the question if this world is a drama, a comedy, a tragedy or one big dancing performance.

14. June - THE SONS DIE FIRST, the play of Mata Matišić, directed by Marko Misirača. In this brave and significant play, full of great creations, the word is about people who have survived traumas in the war and who are looking for their missing ones, but all is imbued with humor, characteristic for our nation and represents a defensive mechanism in difficult times. In this fruition of Banja Luka theatre, the war and post-war problems are viewed “from above”, from the bird’s perspective and the question being asked is how the search for past and digging up old wound (which always open a new round of hatred) is really necessary or it is possible to bury the hatchet once and for all and start living in the present.  


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