Dear visitors,

In accordance with health care measures and recommendations for safe theatre work organizing during Covid-19 virus pandemic in the Republic of Serbia, please comply with the following rules:

1. Wearing face masks when entering and during stay in the theatre is mandatory.
2. At the theatre entrance, all visitors will have their body temperature measured in a contactless way.
3. Visitors with a body temperature higher than 37.5 °C will not be allowed to enter.
4. Seating arrangement in the hall has been modified in accordance with safeguard measures.
5. Seats which cannot be used are visibly marked.
6. We kindly ask you to avoid gathering in groups during your stay in the theatre.
7. Queue waiting points are visably marked, with respect to keeping the physical distance.

We also inform you that for your safety we have provided:

- Disinfection of all premises
- The premises of the Foyer, Bell Etage, as well as the Large and Small halls, are equipped with Zepter Therapy Air Ion - the global market most modern device for air purification, which efficiently eliminates 99.99% of pollutant air particles and is certified to meet the scientific requirements to eliminate Covid-19.
- All our employees wear face masks during their stay in the theater.

Zertifikat GUI Zepter Therapy AirIon DE 2020

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