Carol Rocamora


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Premiere: 17.03.2017.
Small Stage of the Madlenianum

In direction of Nebojša Dugalić and by the text I TAKE YOUR HAND IN MINE of Carol Rocamora, the audience will be able to see a stage shaped true story about one of the world’s greatest writer- ANTON CHEKHOV and his wife- a famous actress OLGA KNIPPER.

The inspiration for the play about this unusual love has come from the letters of Chekhov and Olga, 412 of them that were being exchanged during those 6 years of their love. Chekhov died too early, at the age of 44, leaving behind him the numerous narrative works and cult plays that served as a genre model to the play I TAKE YOUR HAND IN MINE and this genre can be characterized as a comedy by Chekhov.

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