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Premiere on 15th June 2005

Created by the motifs of the novel by Vladan Radoman

Adaptation Jovan Cirilov
Directing Tanja Mandic Rigonat
Scenography Aleksandar Denic
Costume design Milena J. N. K.

In the role of Fam Tram Dong Goran Jevtic

In the hit-performance which opened the Small Stage of Madlenianum, all spectators of this extraordinary creation might have seen how difficult it is to be different in a world that does not understand even itself.

Premiere renewal: 8th February 2014

Since 8th February “The Ice Firefly” has been performed again on the repertoire of the Opera and Theatre “Madlenianum”, the play that was extremely well received either by audience or critics when premiered on 15th June 2005 and at later numerous shows revivals. The monodrama after the motifs of the same name novel by the French writer of Serbian origin, Vladan Radoman, has, with its original premiere, opened the Small Stage of Madlenianum, but is currently performed at the new ambient- on the Large Stage, with the auditorium at the same one. Jovan Cirilov has done the adaptation of the novel, with Tanja Mandic Rigonat as a Director and brilliant Goran Jevtic in his role. After their mutual work on “The Ice Wirefly”, Tanja Mandic Rigonat and Jovan Cirilov have achieved the whole line of successful stage cooperation, so the renewal of “The Ice Firefly” simply means even higher artistic and stage accomplishments due to their theatrical maturity and experienced gained so far. The Costume Designer of the play is Milena Jeftic Niceva Kostic and the Stage Designer is Aleksandar Denic who has, by creating such a realistic setting of Paris subway station, made “The Ice Firefly” monodrama so much scenographically distinguished in comparison with most of Serbian monodrama projects.

“The Ice Firefly is a confession of a young Vietnamese man who reveals his view on the three worlds- on the world of his childhood in an unhappy part of Asia, on the Western world, through France where the young man found himself being adopted and the view on the European East through his Yugoslav stepfather (a Serb) who is not coping very well in that West. Harmlessness of this young man, along with his eastern views on the world, life and himself, enable us to see this world in a new light, the same world that is well known to us, but extraneous to him. Even for us, through the drama play, that world seems to be absurd, humorous to tragicomic, often cruel and sometimes, but only sometimes, the noble one. By his inspired creation, Goran Jevtic, one of the shiniest acting stars of his generation, takes the audience to an exotic, profound journey that is not to be missed. Tanja Mandic Rigonat has made this journey take place within a playful scenic partiture and she has complemented the scenic confession with video work of children’s drawings, which all give “The Ice Firefly” a dimension of a Freudian commented dream.   

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