She was born in Chicago on 21st December, 1967. She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She received the scholarship from the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in the period 1987- 1990. Since 1997 she has the status of a freelance artist. She accomplished the roles in the following performances: The Dybbuk (directing: Eduard Miller), Proletarian Farce (directing: Egon Savin), Theatrical Illusions (directing: Slobodan Unkovski), Merry Wives of Windsor (directing: Branko Pleša), Florentine Hat (directing: Ljubomir Draškic), Nijinsky (directing: Irfan Mensur), Merchants (“Tergovci”) (directing: Vida Ognjenovic), Misanthrope (directing Dejan Mijac), Belgrade Trilogy (directing: Goran Markovic), Dear Daddy (directing: Boris Liješevic), Chicago (directing: Kokan Mladenovic). She realized the roles in the films: The Battle of Kosovo, Tell Me Why You Left Me and The White Suit.

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