Renewal of the musical

Les Miserables



The premiere renewal of the musical Les Miserables on our Large Stage brings a few novelties. Before all, the musical is back to the stage because we are as a house ready to respond to numerous calls of spectators and persistent efforts to let the performance be, notwithstanding. From the public and theatrical circles, professional and those others as well, we have been receiving the same signals. All have been expressing regret that the cult performance of our house is out of the repertoire. Having been premiered in 2007, the play was performed until 2011. We are renewing it after seven years and 43 performances, with the same team of authors, but with big changes in casting. They relate, on the one hand, to completely new artists who are to carry great acting assignments, such as Nebojsa Dugalic in the role of Jean Valjean, but on the other hand, estimating the effects and features of the others, we moved them to the new roles, as we have done with Dejan Lutkic and Srdjan Timarov, expecting them to become the most correct and the most suggestive interpreters of certain characters in this new setting. 

We are going back to Les Miserables of the two authors, Boublil and Schönberg after the new great success achieved by the musical Rebecca of Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze on our stage, convinced that this genre is becoming close to us, but also because the plays differ a lot, they are completely different, both in music and drama sense and we believe that each of them will have its own audience. 

The agency representing the authors of the musical Les Miserables made a decision in 2010, referring to all houses setting the performance from that point of time, certain changes in its score, both for the orchestra and for vocal and acting part of roles, thus even more shifting the focus towards classical music, towards opera genre. Even thus viewed, the musical that has achieved the great popularity around the world has very high artistic qualities, not only in its genre, but in the whole music-stage production.

Directing of the proved musical master, Nebojsa Bradic, who has already directed the musical Rebecca on our stage, is evaluated by those who have seen the play on our stage, but also by video in the world, as one of the best settings in general.  

One of the greatest novel of French and the world literature, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, does not stop to be interesting for film, television and drama artists and drama operators and from the moment it was written in 1862 it has been a kind of bestseller all over the world. A sentimental, romantic story, disguised in revolutionary, dramatic, epic and tragic events, inspired authors to lyric and dramatic music as well that captivate audiences worldwide. Many characters, exceptionally relief generated in the novel, who numerous generations of all times and social levels identify with, added ephemerality of music to realism, so the musical got the features of all time and ambiguity with a potable, but very demanding music weft.   

Challenging for the performers and the team of authors, appealing for the audience, the musical Miserables has been making hits in the whole world since its first premiere performance in London in 1985, so we believe it will revive all our needs for nice, humane, good and fair in the world and time we live in. “While I was reading Les Miserables, I heard the music”, said one of the authors of the musical, Schönberg. While listening to and watching Les Miserables  we revive an entire world of the past with the noblest messages of the future that are received directly and naturally, since the sound melodically, appealing and exciting.  

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