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Musical journey of Madlenianum began in Zemun, on the right bank of the river Danube, more than twenty years ago. In the moments when we were fighting for some other ideals, the vision of Mrs Madlena Zepter that arts, in spite of the war hopelessness, should be given the chance to announce itself, the supreme one – music arts, was fulfilled in the best possible way, in a completely renovated building with one of the most acoustic halls in Belgrade and with the stage technique which allowed performing the most complex music works.  

When the Chamber Opera of Madlenianum was founded in 1997, Belgrade got its place on the map of opera arts with the first private opera, which in the early years of its existence cherished chamber and less performed opera forms, from baroque to contemporary works. The Chamber Opera soon grew into the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum, transcending the frame of chamber by staging the complex productions in modern manner with a large number of participants. Madlenianum is the only house of arts in Serbia which performs all genres of theatre arts in its repertoire and it is also famous for cherishing the youngest opera audience, offering them free programs. The performances, such as Les Misérables, which has been performed for twelve years on the stage of Madlenianum, best prove the determination of this House to put music on a pedestal which it deserves being the most complex stage genre. 

The program ahead of you consists of the best and most popular music parts from fruitful music production of Madlenianum from its very beginning to nowadays. There are recognizable opera arias, duets that lighten the hearts of the audience, tunable songs from the musicals, cheerful operettas rhythms that lead us to Vienna and ballet divertissements that best bring back the golden moments of Madlenianum history. We have not forgotten the domestic literature either, since Madlenianum has always been on the mission to popularize opera art and discover slightly forgotten authors, such as Stevan Hristic and his Dusk and to order works of contemporary authors, such as Ivan Jevtic's Mandragola. The program is performed by soloists and principals of the Opera and Ballet, our faithful and trusted collaborators, with the support of the Madlenianum Orchestra and all guided by the firm, yet subtle, hand of a lady conductor - Vesna Souc Trickovic. Some of these artists have made their first steps right on our stage and are now proudly conquer the famous world stages as well.

Enjoy this musical journey from the south of Italy and France, via Vienna to Belgrade and for a moment indulge in dazzling moments of our stage.

Sunday, 10 November 2019 at 19:30
Large Stage of Madlenianum


MUSICAL JOURNEY from Madlenianum Stage

Conductor: Vesna Souc Trickovic

Directed by: Vladan Djurkovic

Video animations and projections: Creative Studio Zepter

Lighting Design: Srdjan Jovanovic

Stage Manager: Vesna Curcic Petrovic


Jasmina Trumbetas Petrovic, soprano

Snezana Savicic Sekulic, soprano

Branislava Podrumac, soprano

Tanja Obrenovic, mezzo - soprano

Mirjana Matic, soprano

Nikola Kitanovski, tenor

Vladimir Andric, baritone

Aleksa Vasic, baritone

Marko Zivkovic, tenor

Gordana Simic, ballet principal

Brankica Mandic, ballet soloist

Milos Marijan, ballet soloist

Program Running Time: 90 minutes without intermission


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