NEBOJSA DUGALIĆ was born in Kraljevo in 1970. He is a full-time professor of acting at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade.
The most important roles: Caesar ( "Mask " by Crnjanski ) , Sigismund ( " Life Is a Dream" by Calderon ) , Prince Miskin ( "Idiot" by Dostoevsky ) , Peter ( "Speech Defect " by G. Markovic) , Karađoz ( " The Damned Yard " by Andric ), Simeon Njago ( " Golden Fleece " by Pekić ), Jamie ( " Long Day's Journey into Night" by Eugene O’Neill) , Anthony ( " Anthony and Cleopatra " by Shakespeare ), El Greco ( " The Burlesque of the Greek" by A. Hing ) , Mita ( " Liar and Liars " by Jovan Sterija Popovic) , George ( " It Had To Be So " by Nušić ) , Omer Pasha Latas ( " Omer Pasha Latas " By Ivo Andric ) , Max Bialystok ( " The Producers " by M. Brooks ) , Eilert Lovborg ( " Hedda Gabler” by Ibsen ), Pavle Isaković ( " Migrations " by M.Crnjanski ) , Drobac ( " The Travelling Theatre Šopalović " by LJ . Simovic ) , Dr . Ragin ( " Pavilion No.6 " by A. P. Chekhov ) , Dmitri Karamazov ( "Dmitri Karamazov’s Confession" by Dostoevsky ) , Aram Tomasijan ( " The Beast on the Moon " by Kalinoski ) , Rakitin ( "A Month in the Country " by Turgenev ), and others.

His has directed the following plays: "The Cherry Orchard" by A. P. Chekhov, "Look Back in Anger" by Osborne, "Omer Pasha Latas" by Andric, "The Introduction of Vuk's Language" by N. Dugalić, "The Old Days" by Bora Stankovic, "Girl Talk" by Radovic, "Cops" by Mrozek, "The Pavilion No.6" by Chekhov, "The Traveling Theatre Šopalović" by Simovic, "Waiting for Godot" by Beckett, "The Maids" by Zene, "Poor Little Hamsters" by Mihić, and others.

He is the winner of many international awards, including four gold and two silver Knights in Moscow, as well as domestic awards, including two Sterija’s Awards, the Zoran Radmilović Award, the Ljubisa Jovanovic Award, four Zoran’s Moustaches, the Trimmed Hedgehog Award, the Grand Jury Prize for the Best Acting Achievement of the Season, Stojan Dečermić Award, several annual awards of the National Theatre in Belgrade for the best achievement of the season and others. For his directing work, he has received the Silver Knight in Moscow, the Audience Award in Brcko for the best play at the festival, and the award at the international festival in Sabac for the best play.
He has also won the Sterija’s Award for Acting Performance for his role of Haji Zamfir in the musical “Zona Zamfirova” produced by the Theatre on Terazije (2013).

Nebojsa Dugalić has played many roles in television and radio dramas and on film.

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