Children’s opera

PREMIERE: Monday, 4thFebruary 2013.

Verses: Moso Odalovic i Budimir Nesic
Author of the music: Milan T. Ilic
Directing: Ivica Klemenc
Conductor: Milan T. Ilic 
Chorus “Kir Stefan Serb”, Smederevo
Chamber orcherstra " Kir Stefan Serb" , Smederevo
Soloist: Goran Krneta, bass                                                                                

Why are you here?
Because you have the opportunity to see and hear the choir “Kir Stefan” from Smederevo, under the baton of Milan Ilic, who is the author of the music as well, but all that with one professional in this performance, the opera soloist, Goran Krneta.

Once again, why?
Because you have the opportunity to watch the children’s opera for young and adults.
Because the members of this choir (age from 11-16) give the impressions of professionals, although it is the first time some of them have been on the stage.

Why opera?
We say- little opera. Choral singing, together with solo tours of the members, with dramatic situations between songs, then mise en scene, extensive even for some other operas and with a great help of the professional Goran Krneta, made us set forth an opera, but we reached the little opera. 

Why nettle?
Walking in the flowery meadow, evade or remove nettles.
In the class, he (she) who singles out and stings is called the nettle. Do young people have problems always recognized by adults? Who is the nettle to whom and how to solve that problem?   

Ivica Klemenc  

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