Premiere: 30th November 2001
Large Stage

Libretto and mise-en-scene: Gordan Dragovic
Choreography: Krunislav Simic
Scenography: Jasna Dragovic
Costume designer: Ljiljana Orlic

Konstantin Kostjukov, Dusan Simic, Konstantin Teshea, Gordana Simic, Ana Pavlovic, Duska Dragicevic, Vesna Lecic, Stevan Hadzi-Slavkovic, Borica Knezevic, Dejan Kolarov i Mihajlo Stefanovic, Denis Kasatkin, Nenad Jeremic and Branko Radovanovic

The author has chronologically and symbolically constructed a mosaic of a charismatic tale, with the feeling for hierarchy: time-space-movement-sound-light-sign. The selection of music from the tape is with transposition into solo-piano and tutti atmospheres. Choreographic solutions are modern, expressive and symbolic. In the scenes, the parts of soloists and of the ensembles are merged, of different formations, as well as of a mixed and male duo and trio. The critics of the NIN weekly magazine have proclaimed this performance the best ballet performance in the year 2001. The performance was presented at the festival NOMUS in Novi Sad and at the International Music Festival in Varna (Bulgaria) (2002), St Petersburg (2003) and Budapest (2004). Till the end of the season 2003/2004 it was played for 24 times. 

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