Jean-Claude Isler


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Guest visit of the "Theatre- studio of Cinema Actors” of the National Film Studio “Belarusfilm” of the Republic of Belarus

the comedy based on the play of the French playwright Jean-Claude Isler

Premiered on 17 May 2014

This is one of the first works of the author to bring him popularity.                                                                                    
The play was first staged in 2006 on the stage of the “Michel” Theatre.

NOBODY PROMISED AN EASY LIFE is the first French comedy of situation which treats the problem of inappropriate love relationships.

The main character of the play has an affair with his student who is an age mate and a friend of his daughter’s and almost 30 years younger than him. At the same time, the ex-wife of the protagonist falls in love with a twice younger man. And the daughter of the protagonist starts a relationship with a mature man… And as it usually goes in a comedy of situation, the father will exchange his daughter’s partner for his ex-wife’s lover and the wife exchanges that very partner for the lover of her ex-husband’s and so on… Of course, the characters are forced to hide the truth from each other, which usually happens when they, in turns, hide unwanted guests in the bathroom every once in a while.


The Performance Team of Authors:

Director – People’s Artist of Belarus, deserving artist of the Republic of Belarus, artistic director of the theatre Alexander Efremov

Artistic Director – Igor Hruckij

Costume Designer – Nina Gurlo

Composer – Sergey Suhomlin

Translated from French – Irina Prokhorova



Deserving Artist of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Timoshkin; Jelena Girenok; Vera Polyakova; Valeria Jefimenko; Alexander Brankevich; Anton Zhukov


Running time – 2 hours 20 minutes

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