The Opera Centre “Zoran Todorovic” and the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum are auditioning future attendees for acceptance to the Opera Centre.

The audition is to be held on 12 November, 2019 at 2 pm in the premises of the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum, 32, Glavna Street, Zemun.

Applications shall be received from 18.10.2019 to 11.11.2019 by mail to operski.centar@gmail.com

Candidates need to prepare three arias from the repertoire of their choice for the audition.

If the candidates have their own accompanist, please state this in the application. Other candidates need to submit sheets music for the theatre accompanist together with their applications.

Applications must include: biographical information, qualifications, previous experience in opera work, contact telephone and e-mail address.

The Opera Centre “Zoran Todorovic” begins its first year of work within the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum. Attendants of the Opera Centre “Zoran Todorovic” will have a unique opportunity for their development in direct contact with world-renowned tenor Zoran Todorovic.

The Opera Centre will work in four sequences, each lasting 3 to 4 weeks, between January and December 2020.

Each attendee shall decide whether they want to attend all four sequences, which means the whole year or just one sequence.

If one sequence is chosen, the price is 800 EUR per sequence.

If the attendee choses the whole year, there is the possibility of continuous work on both the technique and the complete roles and the price is 2.400 EUR for the whole year (4 sequences).

-          By paying for the enrolment in the Opera Centre, the attendee is, in addition to singing lessons and work on interpreting and perfecting their role, provided with musical accompaniment. 

-          The Opera Centre “Zoran Todorovic” also offers work with established opera music associates who will be available exclusively to the attendees of the Opera Centre.

-          The Opera Studio organizes auditions for international agencies it cooperates with and has trust in.

-          The Opera Centre organizes various courses related to the needs of modern acting and dance.

-          The Opera Centre organizes in certain terms auditions for agencies, preparations for competitions and possible participation in the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum opera production.

-          The Opera Centre is going to operate on the premises of the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum.

-          The Opera Centre is intended for talented singers who reached the level of applying to auditions for opera studios, opera houses or musical institutions which look for professional singers and its purpose is to help them get their first contracts and endure the European and                  world competition.

Zoran Todorovic is a renowned international opera singer with a number of international contacts who are his additional help in achieving these goals. In case the Opera Centre and its work expend in other European cities, the cooperation of these centres is ensured.

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