Robert Boskovic


Robert Boskovic was born in Dubrovnik where he finished Primary and Secondary School.

At the age of only 9 he acted in his hometown Dubrovnik, in the play Scents, Gold and Incense, directed by Marin Caric and since then he has performed in almost all theatres in Croatia.

By the time he entered the Academy, he performed in nearly twenty plays. In 1996 he enrolled the Academy of Dramatic Arts and in his second year of studies he produced The Moon above Salty Water play in the Theatre of Marin Drzic, KMD – Dubrovnik. In the same year he started working at Dubrovnik Summer Festival in the plays Julius Caesar directed by Janus Kic, A Trilogy of Dubrovnik directed by Jusko Juvancic, Dundo Maroje directed by Ivica Kuncevic, Aequinoctium directed by Jusko Juvancic and many others

He began his professional career at the Comedy Theatre in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, directed by Vlado Stefancic in the solo role of Peter.

He continued his professional career at the Comedy Theatre in many plays, musicals, operettas and concerts; such as Janica and Jean musicals, directed by Vlado Stefancic, The Concert for Valentine's Day mix of musicals, The Land of Smiles operetta, directed by Vlado Stefancic and many other performances at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Gavel Theatre and others.

At the same time, he began working at the Tresnja (Cherry) Theatre, where in five years he performed in more than ten plays in major roles such as Andersen's Fairy Tales, The Arrival of Croats, Angels Have Wings, Eco-Eco, Great Expectations and many more.

After graduating from the Academy in 2000, he began his film experience in Lukas Nola’s film Sky, Satellites and since then he has participated in many films, series and television shows.

From 2005 to 2007, he joined the freelance artist community.

From 2008 to 2010 Robert owned his private theatre. Being a tenant at Lisinski Concert Hall, Robert directed two performances: The Wandering Shoe and You're lying, Melita.

In 2010, he returned to the freelance artist community, engaged in acting, production and directing.

Among his major directorial works are Cosi Fan Tutte, international opera by W.A. Mozart at Dubrovnik Summer Festival,  Fortuna Is A Woman at Croatian National Theatre Zadar, the musical Resurrected at the Comedy Theatre, the opera Don Giovanni  of W.A. Mozart at the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek, the musical  The Legend of Rose Town at the Comedy Theatre, B. Glad production, Broadway musical Cinderella, Il Trovatrore of G. Verdi at the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek, the operetta The White Horse Inn by R. Benatzky at the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek, at the City Theatre Zar ptica (Firebird), the musicals  Christmas Wish Ana Maras and the City Theatre Zar ptica (Firebird) Lovely Christmas Vesna Ravenscak and Bojan Jambrosic, Croatian National Theatre Zagreb, the musical Life for Life od Daniele Ricci, the musical The Saint of All Sacred by Nino Skraba, B Glad production/Theatre Hall Lisinski, the musical Lupus in Fibula, the opera Il Trovatrore by Giuseppe Verdi at the Croatian National Theatre in Split, Samson and Delilah, the opera of Saint-Saens at the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek, I Lombardi alla Prima Crociata (The Lombards on the First Crusade) The Lombards of G. Verdi at the Croatian National Theatre in Split and numerous other drama, opera and music performances.

In 2000, he started working as a synchronizer in animated films and was awarded the Disney cartoon award for The Lion King 2. He has also had remarkable roles in animated films such as Finding Nemo, The Lion King 3, Sinbad, the series Simsala Grimm, Sheep, Campi, Disney series 101 Dalmatians, Maisy series, Tom and Jerry series, Barbie series, Open Season 2.

Since 2011, he has worked for the Nickelodeon channel, where he lends his voice to the cartoon series Sponge Bob Square Pants for Patrick Star and Mr. Crabs and a number of other cartoons and roles.

At the same time, Robert worked as an external contributor to Croatian Television as the presenter of Children's Eurovision Song Contest 2, 3, 4, and as a presenter and actor in two seasons of the Senior Club show. As a television director, he directed the Dora Eurovision show and many TV spots for entertainment artists.



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