Elfride Jelinek



A play by Elfride Jelinek, SHADOW / EURYDICE SPEAKS


The play by the Nobel Prize Winner Elfriede Jelinek, the multi-awarded piece of art SHADOW / EURYDICE SPEAKS will be the first premiere on the stage of Madlenianum in the jubilee 20th theatre season. For this play Elfriede Jelinek was awarded the Nestor Prize for the best drama in German language in 2016.                                                                                                 

The play SHADOW / EURYDICE SPEAKS is done in co-production of Madlenianum and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum.

A powerful story about a contemporary woman and her constant struggle to keep the spiritual values above the material ones is directed by Ivana Vujić. A dramaturge of the project is Slavenka Milovanović, a scenographer is Kosta Bunuševac, a costume designer is Dušica Knežević, a choreographer is Barbara Milovanov and for the stage speech is PhD Ljiljana Mrkić Popović. “Are we really able to love or these are all lies and personal interest? What sort of love can we establish in today’s world, in which we are copies of the television picture?” – wonders a director, Ivana Vujić, setting this text, for the first time translated in the region.   

SHADOW / EURYDICE SPEAKS directs us to the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. In interpretation of Ivana Vujić the modern Eudydice has several faces, so she is played by the prominant actresses: Danica Maksimović (Eurydice Shadow) and Danica Ristovski (Eurydice Body). Orpheus is played by Kosta Bunuševac.

The premiere performance of SHADOW / EURYDICE SPEAKS is on the Large Stage of Madlenianum, with the audience on the stage, on 25th October and the revival is on 28th October.  


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