Stefan Sablic, set designer and a musician, graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Egon Savin. He proceeded with his post-graduate studies of theatre directing at the Universiti in Tel Aviv. Up till nowadays he directed a series of performances such as: The Moon on the Flame by Sanja Domazet, (Belgrade Drama Theatre 2009) DNK by Stiven Belber (Atelje 212, 2008), The Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino (Boško Buha Theatre, 2008), The Indian wants to Bronx by Israel Horovitz (JCCA, 2007), The Blond Jewess by Isak Samokovlija (Zvezdara Theatre, 2007), Jevrem’s Life by Aleksandar Djaja (Theatre on Terazije, 2006), The Old Lady’s Visit by Fridrich Direnmat (Bitef Theatre, 2006), The Stendhal Syndrome by Terrence Mackenli (Serbian National Theatre), Suspicious Person by Branislav Nušic (Kruševac National Theatre, 2004) Blacksmiths by Miloš Nikolic, (The National Theatre Belgrade, 2003). Visiting Mr. Green by Jeff Baron (Atelje 212, 2002), The Soldiers Tale by Stravinski/Ramuz (Tel Aviv, 2001), Life from the Beginning by Miroslav Momcilovic (Cult Theatre 2000), Elektra by Danilo Kiš (Atelje 212, 1999), Damned Kovalski by Nebojša Romcevic (Atelje 212, 1998). He worked at the laboratory for directors in Lincoln Centre in New York.

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