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12 September at 19:30, Large Stage of Madlenianum


“All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  (L. N. Tolstoy)

“TriTformaT” Theatre Project (Republic of Belarus), in collaboration with the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, will present the music drama Karenina based on the famous novel of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy on 12 September at 19:30. A young Russian director Tatyana Sambuk has, together with a composer Daria Garbuznyak, made a music drama based on   the famous classic, enfolding it into a contemporary and poignant love story, in the musical arrangement of the Honoured Collective of the Republic of Belarus of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus. The play is performed by the Belarusian the TriTformaT Theatre Project, headed by the famous Belarusian actress Vera Polyakova-Mackay. This experimental project had its premiere in Minsk, Belarus, at the end of 2021. Performance is surtitled in Serbian.

What is surprising is the modern outlook on the classics presented in this play of Tatyana Sambuk in “TriTformaT” Theatre Project. The characters in the production are common people of our time: they are wearing leather jackets and sneakers, listening to Lady Gaga and eating burgers. Love problems are timeless and that is why spectators can expect to see an eternal sad story about fragility of love and inability of a person to control themselves when the feelings prevail.

The novel of Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina, has, for many years, been inspiring the whole world stage and screen masters to the most courageous experiments. Neither this, Belarus production, is an exception. It is quite enough to say that Karenin, during the course of events, eats hamburgers from an American restaurant, Kitty, Steve and Levin look like hipsters, and Dolly resembles the heroine of a modern television talk show. Vronsky turns up in front of the audience in a leather jacket and sneakers featuring a rocker, complementing the image by performing a Lady Gaga’s song.

Karenina also sings on the stage and her inner suffering and splitting personality is extremely precisely portrayed by the project leader, an actress Vera Polyakov, a leading Belarusian theatre and film actress, singer and TV host. "This play is about ourselves, about modern people, family values, showing as well how uncontrolled feelings can easily destroy a family. Spectators do not feel sorry for Karenina after our performance, she is punished for choosing the latter between family and passion. At the end of the play, audience feel sorry for the child and Karenin”, says the actress. 

Muscovite Daria Garbuznyak has performed as a composer in this production, and the musicians of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus became her full co-authors. Karenina is already the third joint project of the popular Minsk troupe and the talented young Russian director Tatyana Sambuk: previously they created the plays Three Sisters and Knyzhna  Meri.

Famous theatre and film actors are cast in the play: Merited Artist of the RB Vera Polyakova, Merited Artist of the RB Alexander Tymoshkin, Dmitri Egorov, Olesya Pukhova, Yuri Baranov, Dmitri Klimovich, Margarita Kiselite, Gleb Rakitin.


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