Premiere on 26th March 2004
Large Stage of Madlenianum

Choreography and staging Ramon Oller
Scene and costumes Jelena Andjelkovic

Konstantin Kostjukov, Danica Arapovic, Ana Ignjatovic, Milan Rus, Dejan Kolarov, Olga Olcan...

One of the best ballet performances at Belgrade stages during the last two seasons. Prima ballet dancer, Konstantin Kostjukov, in the modern choreography of the emotional Ramon Oller. Conceived as a unique three-piece altar that examines the deepest human feelings, this exciting evening is filled with melancholic music of Sephardim Jews and Argentinean milonga. Besides the young soloists of Belgrade Ballet, we point out the moving acting of Ana Ignjatovic as Violeta and an excellent interpretation of the Woman who lacks love by Danica Arapovic.

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