Goran Vucic


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Author: Goran Vucic

Direction: Milica Stojanovic

In the role of Vera: Vanja Milacic

Costume and scene: Dejan Pantelic

Drama accompanist soloist: Nenad Paunovic (Jelena Vujcic)

Lightning: Radovan Samolov

Sound: Goran Glavonjic

Photography: Milos Banjalic

Direction: Milica Stojanovic


Video participants: Dancing couple – Vanja Milacic i Djordje Babic

-          Videographer: Srdjan Velickovic

-          Montage: Marija Matovic

-          Director: Milica Stojanovic


WATCHING is a love and life confession of Vera Pavlovic.  

Following the epoch from the early years of the twentieth century to its end, the nineties, through growing up and a life path of one woman, the author touches “the heart” of Belgrade and civil Serbia of that time. 

“When love once enters your heart, you cannot rip it out…”  Federico Garcia Lorca

That powerful force beyond rationally controlled Ego seems as if it is the only God’s bestowment on a man, not from this world… The source of colors and fragrances, all human joy…as opposed to the everyday greyness, obligations, dehumanized automatism of the transient world.

And thus…happy is only the one who has loved…


Goran Vucic – the author

WATCHING is the best love theme drama text in Serbian language…

Ph.D. R. Lazic

…the author on one hand identifies the life and suffering of one woman with the twentieth century, while on the other hand he follows the continuous thread of a great love that has been her biggest strength all that time…


Dejan Pantelic – scene and costume

…within the fear, violence, sadness, other people’s choices about one own life, blood and politics…within the present, past and unfortunately the future time, the story about one view survives as a pure essence of joy and survival. In the sea of rational plays in theaters, you will be able to understand WATCHING with your heart.


Vanja Milacic – in the role of Vera

WATCHING deals with an inevitable unwinding of time and life changes painted throughout civil citizens of Belgrade in 20thcentury and on the other hand with immutability and the power of sincere emotion. The story about the struggle with life that is imposed and peace that is possible to be found only in ourselves.

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