The ballet Wolfgang Amadé shows in an artistic way – by dance, music, scenography, costumes and contemporary scenic solutions, turning points of life and work of the music genius from Salzburg, the artist who liked best to be called by the name – Wolfgang Amadé. The ballet has two acts, with a Prologue and an Epilogue, and starts with a masquerade in the presence of the most distinguished persons and artists of Mozart’s time. It is continued with the scenes from the Court, the encounters of Mozart and Austro-Hungarian emperor, the meeting and conflict with a renowned composer Antonio Sallieri, with review and memory of his past life. Wolfgang Amadé  is ended with a legend in which Mozart survives as a special FAVORITE OF GODS, BUT OF PEOPLE TOO – till the present days!

On 29th May, on the Bel Etage stage of the Opera & Theatre MADLENIANUM, on the occasion of the premiere of the ballet, there was opened an exhibition of some ten large size works of the painter Christian Attersee, thus enriching the premiere with another artistic event, and elevating the participation of Madlenianum in the marking of 250th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

The authors of this ballet and a very successful performance at the Vienna State Opera Ballet, realized eight years ago, as well as already confirmed selection of the best soloists of Belgrade Ballet, performing and the premiere, are a firm guarantee that we have created an exceptional art work that will represent our milieu in the celebration of Mozart’s jubilee.

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