When it is unpleasant, with prickles, nobody likes it their vicinity. However, nettle is a symbol of perseverance, endurance, the plant that was first to spring up after the two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been hit by atomic bomb in World War II, in 1945.
The plant that stings in touch with hands and body, but also the healing one, used as tea, for curing plenty of illnesses and it is also used in cosmetic for making hair shampoos.
If someone does not like eating and his mother always reproaches him for that, then he must be given nettles, prepared in various ways, to his improve his blood count.
In each class there is a pupil who does not communicate easily with others, stands out, rebels when joint actions are undertaken, does not socialize and the rest of the children often get away from him, as from the nettle, since he is arrogant, rude, wants to fight and shows no emotions. However, such a friend, non- friend, often hides some of his fears and does not show any kindness or sensitivity that he very often owns. You need a lot love and patience to turn him from “stinging nettle”, the plant that makes you stings in touch, into a healing herb, to make him show his nature of humanity. Friends should help in doing that, since it is the measure of friendship. 
The verses of Mosa Odalovic, a poet from Smederevo and Budimir Nesic are sung in special songs and the prose script is written by the director, Ivica Klemenc.

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