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By motives of the novel “Professor Unrat” by Heinrich Mann

Direction and adaptation: Erol Kadic
Music and lyrics: Branislav Pipovic
Set Designer: Zorana Petrov
Costume Designer: Ivanka Krstovic
Choreographer: Milica Cerovic
Light Designer: Milos Nesic
Lector: Ljiljana Mrkic Popovic 

The special assistant for magic tricks: Igor Trifunov

The Opera and Theatre Madlenianum, on the line of its melodrama titles inspired with interesting characters from the past and magnificent literature works, is preparing on the large stage another famous love story for its faithful audience. This is the story hidden behind the title “The Blue Angel”, the story about love between a grammar school professor, Immanuel Rath and a varietal singer, Lola. The star of the cheap program of the local cabaret “The Blue Angel”, Lola, is the first one who recognizes the poet soul of the Professor Rath and the Professor Rath is the first one who, in the singer primarily selling her body to the local guests, sees the real artist. The two artistic souls merge together along with all disapprovals of their surroundings, but the love they experience gives the sense to their beings, the two lonely souls find their resort and the happiness in each other.

“The Blue Angel” is a drama text by Branislav Popovic, created by the motives of the novel “Professor Unrat” by Heinrich Mann. This novel, written in 1905, was also the inspiration for the film “The Blue Angel”, the first German sound film, which led then completely new film star, Marlene Dietrich, into the film history. The curiosity of the project is certainly the data that the drama writer is not only the writer of lyrics for a great number of songs represented in the play, but also the author of the music for the play (as an artist of double academic education, in dramaturgy and music as well). The play is to be directed by Erol Kadic, with the set designer, Zorana Petrov, Ivanka Krsovic as the costume designerand the choreographer is Milica Cerovic.

In the “The Blue Angel” the audience will be able to see the character Lola through two extraordinary actresses who enchant with their singing talent as well, one being the star of the Serbian stage and screen and one star of Croatian theatre. A word is about two extraordinary ladies: Sloboda Micalovic (after the role of Blanka in “The Scent of the Rain in the Balkans” in “Madlenianum” again) and Lucija Serbedzija, being for the first time on the stage of one Belgrade Theatre. Sloboda and Lucija’s partner, professor Rath, is the doyen of Belgrade Theatre Scene, Fedja Stoiljkovic. The fact that Vlastimir Djuza Stoiljkovic will act (and sing) in the play makes a special pleasure to “Madlenianum”. Ivan Jevtovic, Miodrag Krstovic, Zinaida Dedakin and Branislav Zeremski are to find themselves in perfectly created roles of the people surrounding the professor and the singer. In this project, “Madlenianum” opens its door to the three completely young actors, still being the students, Stevan Pial, Ivan Zablacanski and Andrej Pipovic. What will certainly contribute the specialty and the quality of the play is the fact that the whole music shall be performed in live by the orchestra.

"Breakfast at Tiffany''''s" (premiered in March 2011.) in tribute to Audrey Hepburn, "Greta Garbo’s Secret" (premiered in February 2012.) in tribute to divine Greta and now the "Blue Angel" in tribute to the fantastic personality and actress, Marlene Dietrich, are the plays that intend to talk about topics equally close to little and big ones, about love and eternal topics. Because, “only the works of love remain”…

In the play, “The Blue Angel” is the place that gathers the whole city with Lola’s magnetic attraction, but this spring “The Blue Angel”, with two fantastic Lola arrives in “Madlenianum”. Get your tickets in time....

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