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Since this year we have also launched the children’s program that befits every big opera house in the world. 

We wanted our youngest audience, school and preschool children, to be offered the program that would open them the opera and opera house’s door and enable them the first steps to meet, accompanied by teachers or parents, to watch and listen to for the first time one great and real music performance. That is why we have shortened Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute, which originally lasts very long, to about an hour duration, leaving thus the most important tunes and parts, while omitting many other parts.

In that way Mozart’s Magic Flute is adapted for children and children’s age, so it takes the central part of our new program. We have done this performance solely with young authors and singers and most of them are on the stage for the first time.

As Mozart’s music is liked and listened to by everybody, both younger and older ones, our performance singles out nobody, but involves viewers of all generations who are keen on opera. Therefore, everybody is welcome. 

To be able to get to remote parts of our country and to perform The Magic Flute even there where there are no opera houses and halls, no conditions for the whole orchestra to be set, we have decided to present the setting just with the piano, although the original score is, as any other opera, planned and conceived to be with the entire orchestra.

It is known from various scientific studies that in a specific way the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart can affect children’s psyche, improve their intelligence development, reduce aggression and hyperactivity, bring a peaceful sleep and develop an abstract thinking dimension with children! Not to mention about the fact how much the music of this genius author makes children be acquainted with the highest quality part of human spirit since the very existence, educate them and it might generally help the development of music and art move towards better, more human directions in future, if being created by the artists who have been growing up with Mozart! Listening to Mozart’s music, since the time it occurred, is simply planetary important and undoubtedly listening to his music is becoming more and more important in the newest age which abounds with the expansion of values, diametrically opposed to the refinement of Mozart’s work.  Today’s children are lucky to have Mozart and his genius work as the counterweight to plenty of content offered to children with dominating aggression and (or) the kitsch and trash. But, Mozart should be consumed and it is up to adults to offer him to children, as the soul vitamin. Adults should as well be responsible for children’s future, directing them towards real values.

The abridged version of Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute”, created as a fairytale adapted to children, could certainly offer them a modern and funny way of listening to Mozart and watching the theatre play. It is well known that using music to the greatest possible measure is a justifiable endeavor in children’s plays creation, since it approaches the heart even when a child does not understand the textual part of the play and the story content. Nevertheless, “The Magic Flute” is undoubtedly the music masterpiece the heart must be pursued and the children, who have never before been to the Opera, will gently accept that art through the music genius of Mozart. The Opera audience consists of a very small percentage of nowadays mankind… 

return to opera The magic flute

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