Born in Bratislava (Pressburg at that time) in 1940. Painter, musician and writer, he studied the applied arts at the University in Vienna. Since 1966 he has had close contacts with the «Viennese Actionism». He was close to the «object art» and the «action art» in which he created the works integrating music, speech and other media in a new way.

It is quite understandable that drawing and painting has become central preoccupation of his artistic expression. He was especially interested in erotic subjects and in expressing experiences with nature. 

The characteristic of Attersee’s paintings is that they are mostly made in acrylic paints, in  «figural-symbolic style», in light tones, with expressive dynamic movements.
When setting his exhibitions, he organizes performances with music and literature. In 1984 he was representing Austria at the «Venezia Bienale». Since 1992 he has been the professor at the Vienna University – at the Faculty of Applied Arts and belongs to the circle of the most recognized Austrian artists.

In the season 1989/1990 the first Attersee’s retrospective exhibition was organized in the Contemporary Art Museum in Belgrade, and this year Attersee will present himself to the audience of Madlenianum in a double role: as a painter, by his exhibition in Bel Etage and as scenographer in Renato Zanella’s ballet Wolfgang Amadé.

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