Opera and Theatre Madlenianum continued to be innovator in the domain of opera even at the end of the jubilee season 2007/2008. It was almost expected from a house whose second production as far back as in 1999 had been The Rape of Lucretia by Benjamin Britten. The end of the jubilee season was foreseen for an opera, the one that has never been performed at our stages. The Diary of Anne Frank by Grigory Fried, is a monoopera for a soprano and a chamber ensemble. This work is a challenge for all participants in the project, and especially for the singers, Suzana Suvakovic Savic and Dušica Bjelic (in alternation), who had a task to visualize a claustrophobic life of a little girl that slowly becomes a young girl, hidden in a secluded Amsterdam bunker, during the World War II, but, however, will never become a woman, because in 1945 the Nazis will capture her and, together with her mother, take her to a concentration camp.

Not a smaller artistic challenge was this unique performance by Grigory Fried for the conductor, Vesna Souc, who debuted at the Madlenianum conductor’s podium, as well as for the rest of the „female ensemble “: the director, Stanislava Koprivica, the set designer, Tanja Marcetic and the costume designer, Maja Mirkovic.

The opera The Diary of Anne Frank was staged on the Small Stage of Madlenianum and had its première on 15th May 2008.

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