Premiere: 13th October 2000
Conductor: Gorjan Korunoski    
Mise-en-scene: Nono Dragovic
Scenography: Miodrag Tabacki 
Costume designer: Angelina Atlagic
Choreography: Woiciech Misiuro (Poland)
Translation: Husnija Kurtovic

Miodrag Misa Jovanovic, Nikola Mitic, Tanja Obrenovic, Velizar Maksimovic, Janko Sinadinovic, Saša Koavcic, Igor Matvejev, Branislav Kosanic and Nenad Jakovljevic

A fairy tale  about a king and a wise girl, with the thesis of superiority of combined love and wisdom. The leitmotiv of stressing the ensemble of "the three vagabonds" and placing it in the forefront, brought us close to the solutions from antiquity of a "collective commentator", as well as the theatrical symbiosis and synthesis.

Scenography is resolved in a contemporary way. Costumes are modern, but with medieval connotations.  This opera was performed at BEMUS (2000) and at the stage of the National Theatre in Belgrade (2001). Guest performance of this opera was played at the festivals in Novi Sad (2003), Negotin and Nis (2004). Till the end of the season 2004/2005 it was performed for 26 times.

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