The Great Gatsby, legendary novel of Fitzgerald, adapted into a play by Hristo Bojcev and directed by Ana Radivojevic Zdravkovic, was premiered on the Large Stage of Madlenianum on 18 December, 2015. The title role was interpreted by Ivan Bosiljcic. The play was being performed in front of the full hall for three seasons and from 19 October it will be again on the stage of Madlenianum, with Branislav Trifunovic in the role of Jay Gatsby.

The theatrical version of The Great Gatsby is actually a very intimate post-war love story, passing over dissipation of glamorous parties in the magnificent villa of a newly rich Jay Gatsby. The tormented soul of Gatsby, a soldier who lost his great love due to the war, his girlfriend Daisy, is being bared on the stage. In the play, he does everything to bring her back into his life, even though she is married to another man who she also has a child with. Jay Gatsby does everything for Daisy, eventually giving for her his own life as well.

Luxurious costumes of Jelena Stokuca, enticing blue scenography by Dejan Pantelic, complemented with a car from the Automobile Museum of Bratislav Petkovic collection and real melodrama music of Janja Loncar is the setting from where the audience of Madlenianum will, besides Branislav Trifunovic, this season also see Tamara Aleksic, Ljubomir Bulajic, Milos Timotijevic, Borka Tomovic, Danina Jeftic, Sofija Jurican, Milan Cucilovic, Davor Perunovic, Milica Janketic, Maja Lukic, Vladimir Tesovic, Ljiljana, Angelina and Dorotea Repic, as well as the little French bulldog Kum.

The play is with English surtitle.

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