JORDI ROIG, costume designer

Born in 1960 in Spanish town Lleida. Under the influence of his father, he was active in applied arts from his early childhood. In 1976 he moves to Barcelona, where he studies set design and marionette art at the Institut del Teatre, as well as to become a dancer. After his studies he started his career as a dancer, and as a set and costume designer. He ended his dancing career in 1987, to devote fully to designing. In the same year he was invited to exhibit his works at the IV Biennial.

Between 1987 and 1991 he created some very impressive set designs for the Ballet Lirico Nacional, which was under the artistic direction of Maya Plisetskaya, then for Lola Greco and for Lanònima Imperial. For the Stuttgart Ballet he made set designs for «Empty Place» (1992), «Los Noces» (1994) and «Elle e(s)t moi» (1999); for the Vienna State Opera Ballet «La Chambre» (1994), «Sacre» and Rudolf Nureyev’s «The Swan Lake» (1996), «Thin Air» and «All is Waltz» (1997), «Wolfgang Amadé» and «The Seven Last Word » (1998), as well as for « The Bayadere » (1999); for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo «Watching Waters» (1994); and for the Ballet of the German Opera from Berlin «...shades of desire...» and for «Last Blues» (1998).

The costume designer Jordi Roig created costumes for many performances, among which for the Stuttgart Ballet, for the Vienna State Opera Ballet, for dances of the New Year’s concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic, as well as for the ballets of Vladimir Malakhov («La Spectre de la Rose», the «Narcisse» and the «Louis XIV»). His works include «Verdi–Ballet: The Masquerade» at the Vienna State Opera, then the «Quintet» of Heinz Spoerli in Zuerich and «The Bayadere» of Berlin Lindenoper.

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