Drama painting

Premiere 2nd February 2008

Kosta Bunuševac, Bojan Serafimović, Snežana Jeremić

Text, direction, set design, costumes and objects: K. Bunuševac
Stage lighting design: Srđan Jovanović
Stage sound design: Dušan Arsikin
Choice of music: Dejan Miladinović and K. Bunuševac
Scenography design: Workshops of Madlenianum
Making costume: Drena Drinić
Makeup and hairstyle: Mirjana Rakić

KOSTA is a play about art and painting through the essential relation of the author with his own deed: objects and paintings. The whole of the play is created of mathematical series, sequences and images, interwoven with extracts of texts from the sphere of art, history and the future through the prism of author's subjectivity.

The characters in the play are the painter, Kosta Bunuševac, who plays himself and two young actors, the visitors from a distant future. In this painting piece Bunuševac is a worshiped precursor of an evolutionary jump - the jump from the continuum of the struggle of opposites into the continuum of absolute spiritual unity.



And there was a painting, before words, before letters.

The painting was the original pattern of consciousness and abstract thinking, an initial driver of space and time. Thus, the civilization was born, the world of people, the phenomenon above natural cycles, and the world of eternal self-realization, irradiated by the halo of immortality.

Man always leaves a long-lasting material evidence of the uniqueness of his existence, as a magnificent guideline for those who possess the power of insight into the secret of the core of the whole. Throughout history, art was the center a secrets’ coordinates recording, creating the legacy of pure spirituality, which today is understood as a sociological and museological data, interpreted by populist generalization.

Today, the centers for studying and secrets making have disappeared. They collapsed into the areas of existential mathematics, which, by what means, declared material phenomena as idols of primary sense. That's why I think, that is why I feel that it is necessary to reanimate the esoteric labs of those artists who tell stories about hidden worlds in the infinite depths of our soul.

As one of them I see myself, who has made wonders for many years, putting them on the shelves of forgetfulness and loneliness in the darkness of our surrounding, waiting for the day when they will show their collection of artistic artifacts, as a gift and love to people.

My idea shifts the medium of painting into the law of the media of the theater, creating a symbiotic play where the main character is an artist-painter, and in the center is his deed, which is played as a theatre play in a certain term, on stage, in front of the audience, not an accidental visitor to the gallery.

KOSTA is a play related to the concreteness of my work in all its segments: from paintings, objects, texts, music to the practical teaching of the audience about the creation of an oil painting, aquarelle, drawings ...

                                                                             Kosta Bunuševac


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