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As the crown of another successful, another premiere is being prepared at the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum! This time it is a play titled THE KREUTZER SONATA.

The date of the premiere is 14th June, whereas the first revival is on 15th June.  

The exclusivity of this play also reflects in the fact that besides the team of authors (Goran Susljik, Irina Decermic, Sonja Kalajic), the role of Leo Tolstoy both at the premiere and the revival will be played by famous French actor Jean-Marc Barr!

What flows while the great Beethoven’s “Kreutzer Sonata” being played live, for the violin and piano, performed by two artists – Irina Decermic (piano) and Sonja Kalajic (violin), is a strange story of unusual marital, love, partnership relationships between the famous writer Leo Tolstoy and his wife Sophie.  

Maternal love, passion and jealousy are involved in the events leading to a crime and thus the dramatic text talks about a few characters and sets a few plans. The first is about the passion and crime due to jealousy, the second are pure emotions and unrequited love, the third is the problem woman-mother-wife, mistress, the fourth involves non reciprocity and inability to create mutual happiness or any happiness in the living space and with a genius as Leo Tolstoy was.       

The complexity of human and partner relationships, the impossibility of reaching a thought depth of a genius, weeping and tears of a mother beside her ill child, afterwards the abandoned wife and a husband that leaves their marital bedroom, interrupted lust and gained freedom… 

The music in the play is more than drama, it connects people and couples, finds the ways that cannot be found by thought, creates new companions and friendships, murders old loves. Each part of played and performed Beethoven’s “Kreutzer Sonata” brings a change in moods and in development of the characters, drama, in unexpected reversals, so that the music presents an integral part of dramatic conflicts, as well as of unexpected solutions, being thus one of the actors in the play.   

Director is Goran Susljik.

The performance is performed in English with a subtitle in Serbian.

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