Premiere: 6th December 2002
Small Stage of Madlenianum

Music: Gustav Mahler (Rikert's Poems, Songs to Travelling Companions, Songs to Children Deceased)
Choreography: Duška Sifnios and Vladimir Logunov
Scene and costume design: Jelena Andjelkovic

Isidora Stanisic, Dalija Imanic, Konstantin Kostjukov, Olga Olcan, Sanja Ninkovic, Ivana Glisic and Anastasija Blagojevic

This is a modern chamber ballet. Music selected from tape is focused on vocal and symphony cycles by Gustav Mahler. Choreographic solutions in the concept of a triptych have a well-balanced scenic arrangement, an inner dramaturgy and bonding of sequences The main thesis - human suffering, anguish and alienation - is expressed by a scale of changing moods, emotional catharses, and states of mind. In a space surrounded by the audience, movement on stage communicates in an intimate, logical and contemplative way. The ballet guest performed at the NOMUS festival in Novi Sad (2004). Till the end of the season 2003/2004 it was played for 12 times.

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