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Premiere 23rd November 2013
Large Stage of Madlenianum

Biographical musical-drama

Directing: Aleksandar Nikolic
Music: Vera Milankovic 
Stage and Costume Designer: Kosta Bunusevac
Costume Designer Assistant: Marina Danilovic
Video: Creative studio Zepter
Light Designer: Srdjan Jovanovic
Lector: Radovan Knezevic

Casting: Nebojsa Dugalić, Dubravka Kovjanic, Andrija Danicic, Vera Milankovic, Kosta Bunusevac

The great Serbian scientist Milutin Milankovic, unjustly neglected in domestic public, is to be the theme of the latest premiere in Madlenianum Opera and Theatre. Beginning from 23rd November, the biographical musical drama “Milankovic”, by the author Vasilija Antonijevic and the composer Vera Milankovic (descendant of Milutin’s family) is going to be performed in the specially adapted Large Stage Theatre space, where the audience is to be placed as well. In direction of Aleksandar Nikolic, the audience will be able to see Nebojsa Dugalic in the title role and besides him also the actors Dubravka Kovjanic and Andrija Danicic, as well as the composer Vera Milankovic, as the pianist. Along with their acting virtuosity, Dugalic, Kovjanic and Danicic will show the audience their vocal and instrumental musical talent. This intriguing work of art with the elements of fiction will be shaped in the visual sense by Kosta Bunusevac, who is simultaneously the stage and costume designer. 
Milutin Milankovic, who comes from Slavonian village Dalja, having finished his PhD in technical science in Vienna and begun his successful career of a civil engineer, patriotically chose Belgrade to be the place where he would deal with science, but solely with a piece of paper and a pen in his hand, the place where he would teach young people. Milankovic has come to outstanding discoveries in the field of celestial mechanics, become the member of the Serbian Academy of Science and Art and contributed greatly to the reputation of Serbian science in the world (becoming the most quoted Serbian scientist), but in the sphere of art not enough is said about his extraordinary personality. The play “Milankovic” of Madlenianum Opera and Theatre will make a contribution to correct this injustice and bring the personality of Milutin Milankovic closer to the audience. 

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