He graduated from the Faculty of Theatrical Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Borjana Prodanovic, with the performance A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. Since 1981 till 1996 he served as the director, artistic director and manager of Kruševac Theatre. He came to Belgrade in 1996, to assume the management of the theatre Atelje 212, where he remained for nine months only, but long enough to show his capabilities, thanks to which the Krusevac Theatre joined the circle of the leading Yugoslav theatres. He created the repertoire characteristic of modern European theatres, bringing into this theatre a spirit of contemporary management and started the processes that would be evident not only in this theatre, but in the whole theatrical life of Belgrade as well.

He was the manager of the National Theatre in Belgrade till 1999. Since December 2000 he has become the manager of the Belgrade Drama Theatre. He directed about 60 performances in many Serbian, but also in many Bosnian and Croatian theatres, with a special affinity for contemporary domestic literature and dramatization (The Damned Yard, Death and the Dervish, The Golden Fleece, Roots), and for the theatre in open spaces. He is the winner of several most significant domestic theatrical awards – nine awards for the best directing at the “Joakim Vujic Gathering” in Kragujevac, he was the first winner of the prize Nikola Peca Petrovic for the best theatre manager. He was also awarded the Sterija Award for the best dramatization and directing. He also deals with theatrology and writes essays. He published the book of dramatizations of the novels The Damned Yard and Death and the Dervish. Nebojša Bradic is a member of many art associations and was a member of many juries in various cultural manifestations.

Theatre reviewers and –  even more important – actors, set designers and  composers value him as a high expert in theatrical art, as a director who understands his associates and knows exactly what he can expect from his team and how to work with each individual in specific moments of the work on a performance. One of his main qualities is a capacity to direct his own energy and the energy of his associates in the direction that will bring results. 

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