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Michael Kunze - Sylvester Levay

PREMIERE: 9th December 2012
Large stage Madlenianum

Director: Nebojsa Bradic
Conductor: Djordje Stankovic
Scenography: Geroslav Zaric
Costumes: Maja Nedeljkovic Davidovac
Choreography: Vera Obradovic

Madlenianum has started preparations for the premiere of the musical “Rebecca”, by the hit maker, respectable film and theatre composer, Sylvester Levay, whose musicals are performed all over the world, but in this region for the first time at Madlenianum.

The music and orchestration are written by Sylvester Levay and libretto and verses are by Michael Kunze. The Musical is inspired by the famous novel of Daphne du Maurier, “Rebecca”. The novel is famous throughout the world thanks to Alfred Hitchcock, who made the same-named film, which is still considered to be a masterpiece of the world cinematography.

“Rebecca” is set as a spectacle that our Founder, Mrs. Madlena Zepter gives to Belgrade on the occasion of the 15th anniversary season of the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum.

The Team of Artists, led by the Director, Nebojsa Bradic and Conductor, Djordje Stankovic, will conjure up the story about a rich Englishman, Max de Winter and his young and new wife, as well as about Mrs. Danvers, the housekeeper of the castle- “mistress of the palace”, who are all haunted by the ghost of Max’s firs wife, Rebecca, in the ominous castle Manderley. 

Of particular importance is the innovated technology which will be used in the visual scene equipment and the English furniture of the epoch is also to be used as a part of scenography, as well as the costume, thus contributing a lot to the artistic and scenery part of the play.

Scenography is signed by Geroslav Zaric, costumes by Maja Nedeljkovic Davidovac and choreography by Vera Obradovic.

The roles are played by Ivan Bosiljcic, Zafir Hadzimanov (Zoran Lekovic), Katarina Gojkovic, Natasa Markovic, Dejan Lutkic, Zarko Stepanov, Dusica Novakovic, Zoran Lekovic (Vladimir Lalic), Goran Danicic and others and we expect two young, tender heroines who star as the young Mrs. De Winter, Branislava Podrumac and Snezana Jeremic, to become the new stars. 

REBECCA had its world premiere in 2006 at Vereinigte Buhnen Wien in Vienna, where it played to sold out houses for more than three years. Vastly successful productions of Rebecca have also played Budapest, Hungary; Bucharest, Romania; Helsinki, Finland; Stuttgart, Germany; St. Gallen, Switzerland and at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo. 

Serbian premiere is scheduled to be a month before the Broadway premiere, on the Large Stage of Madlenianum, on 9th December 2012 and the first revival is on 11th December 2012.

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