Author: Renato Zanella
Scenographer: Christian Attersee
Costume Designer: Jordi Roig

Première 31st May 2006
Production of MADLENIANUM Opera & Theatre 
Large Stage


Madlenianum Opera & Theatre is taking part in the Jubilee of W. A. Mozart by the première of the ballet Wolfgang Amadé with Renato Zanella as choreographer, Christian Attersee as scenographer and Jordi Roig as costume designer. The ballet Wolfgang Amadé is performed on the music of Mozart and Sallieri and is realized with the local ballet artists (dancers).

The ballet Wolfgang Amadé  was performed in the Vienna Opera in 1998 and remained on the stage in Vienna for several years with a great success. For MADLENIANUM Opera & Theatre new version of this ballet is produced, for which the original costumes from Vienna Opera will be hired. Exclusively for Belgrade premiere, the author Christian Attersee, one of the most renowned painters of Austria, is preparing a new set design. Twelve special theme paintings of this author have been made to order and will be used in this performance.

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